5 Scary Things Caught On Camera : WITCHES

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Top 5 List of scary videos, the most BELIEVABLE videos, of WITCHES caught on camera by average people in real life.
In this video, we investigate 5 supposedly real witch sightings caught on tape. First, an encounter with the famous Witch of Delray, supposedly caught on camera by a policeman during an investigation of an abandoned house in Detroit. Next, a Twitter witch recorded by gr3gory88 on his Twitter page. He witnesses some scary things around his cabin in the woods. Is it an apparition or ghost caught on camera? Is it a witch? Or is it just an elaborate creepypasta ? You decide if this story is real or fake. Next a Spanish family claims that they live in a haunted house... haunted by a bruja. Then, Mike from the AMwine channel TheMvegastyle finds some scary things caught on camera. Is it a witch? Anyway, there's something very eerie on his motion-activated security camera. Then finally, we have a paranormal investigator / ghost hunter who captures some very bizarre, creepy footage while checking out an abandoned prison where women were jailed for witchcraft: a woman possessed by a witch, all caught on camera. Some unsolved mysteries of the paranormal and the unknown... or basically, just haunted places and the witches who love them :)
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